Cookie Core Tour With Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream

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Last Friday, AJ and I, together with my niece, went to Ben and Jerry's flagship store at 313 Sommerset to try their new range of delicious Cookie Core Ice Cream and special scoop shop innovations. The 2 new flavours are:

Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core & Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core

We also had our hands at making exclusive Cookie Core creation - the Sundae, the Brrr-ito and the Wich, which are all available now.

The yummy Sundae!

The boy dug in with no hesitation. No worries, he was sharing.

The Brrr-ito (Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry's)

My niece attempted to make the Wich

An inch thick of Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core ice cream sandwiched between 2 yummy gigantic chocolate chips cookie

If you like the good people from Ben & Jerry's to do a Cookie Core Tour at your choice of destination, here's your chance! Simply follow these 3 easy steps: 

1) Follow Ben & Jerry’s on their social platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram);
2) Comment on their #CookieCoreWith post to tell them if you’d like the Cookie Core Tour to go down to your office or school. Remember to use the hashtag and tag your friends;
3) Then wait for Ben & Jerry's to contact the lucky moo-niacs!

Another good thing to share! Fairprice is having an offer for Ben & Jerry's Cookie Core Ice Cream from now till 27 Aug. Don't say I never tell you! 


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