Bosch Series 8 Generation of Ovens – Cooking Is A Breeze

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You are a wife and a mother. You want to serve delicious home cooked meals as often as you can for health sake. Yet, you want your house clean and in mint condition, you want to have more time for your husband and children, and you want more time to rest. Sounds impossible?

Well, we already have robotic vacuum cleaners to clean the floor, washing machines to do the laundry, dryers to dry the clothes and dishwashers to wash our cutlery. What else do we need? We need a good oven to bake, roast, steam, microwave and … clean by itself. I believe finding the right tool for the job is important to improve efficiency and Bosch series 8 generation of ovens just proves me right.

I was invited to Bosch Experience Centre to try out their cutting-edge Series 8 generation of ovens in June but I only went this month (August) because I wanted to bake a birthday cake. I am a novice baker, so I invited Lynn, my professional home baker friend to come along so that she could teach AJ a trick or two too.

We brought all the ingredients we need to bake a gluten-free chocolate cake. If you would like the recipe, please click the link here

The Bosch Experience Centre is awesome; it is anybody’s dream kitchen. It has all the top notch, best performing kitchen equipment you could want. That afternoon, this kitchen was our playground.

I was especially awed by the Series 8 oven which we used to bake the cake. You see, the new Series 8 ovens has the minutest design details that would win over any homeowner. The panel heights and display designs for all Series 8 products are consistent across the entire range so you can match your oven with other appliances and have them fit in complete harmony. In addition, the elegant stainless-steel strip at the bottom of the appliances creates a uniform look, especially when installed side by side. Appliances stacked on top of one another complement each other perfectly without the stainless-steel strip at the bottom edge. 

Photo Credit: Bosch

The Series 8 oven also has an Intuitive Control Ring that makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn of the stainless steel ring, you can adjust any of your oven’s settings. The TFT-touch display, with its clear and straightforward design, guides you through the various menu options. This gives you full control over your dishes at all times and everything succeeds with ease.

That's AJ's playful fingers

Perfectly Baked; Perfectly Roasted

The PerfectBake sensor in the new Series 8 ovens offers precise sensitivity which will constantly measure the moisture level of your dishes and automatically regulate the baking process. You’ll never have to set the heating mode, length of time or temperature ever again – the PerfectBake sensor has it all under control. Simply select the type of dish, such as “Cake”, and press “Start”. Your oven will do the rest. The result: bread, cake and pastries baked to perfection.

With the PerfectRoast meat probe, you’ll get perfect results every time you roast poultry, meat or fish. Just like a professional chef, but with total ease. Through three highly sensitive measuring points, the probe determines the core temperature of your roast to the exact degree and second, guaranteeing perfect roasting results. You can also use the meat probe in the microwave and steam oven mode.

And a million thanks to the Bosch Assist function for automatic oven settings, you don’t even have to worry about what temperature to set and how long to roast/bake. Simply select the desired dish in the control panel and your oven automatically sets the ideal heating mode, temperature and length of time to produce perfectly baked or roasted delights. It sounds too wonderful for a novice cook like me!

Lynn, adding chocolate and butter together

The busy hands mixing melted butter and chocolate together

Heating Modes

Truly perfect baking and roasting requires not only the ideal temperature, but also the appropriate heating mode. From 4D Hotair to Hotair Eco to desiccation, Series 8 ovens offer up to 15 different heating modes that deliver great results, whatever the dish. For everything from haute cuisine to simple daily dishes, exceptional quality is guaranteed.

4D Hotair
With 4D Hotair, you can place your food on any shelf level from one to four and the results will be consistently perfect. Bosch’s new fan wheel changes the direction of rotation during operation to distribute heat evenly on every level. And that’s not all: with 4D Hotair, you can bake and roast on up to four different levels simultaneously, for reliable results from top to bottom. What a great time and energy saver!

I love this function so much! The desiccation function allows you to thoroughly dry out foods like coconut for desserts, dried apples for muesli or dried tomatoes for antipasti without the use of unhealthy additives. I would have endless options making snacks for the little boy!

We were using Bosch Maxxium mixer to mix eggs, flour and sugar

Steam Functions

An oven that also does steaming! You can now opt for those ovens that are equipped with the steam function. Not only can you steam vegetables and fish, that oven equipped with the steam function automatically adds a constant flow of moisture when the oven is in one of the classic heating modes. The result: your roasts are juicy on the inside and beautifully crisp on the outside, and your bread crusts are perfectly browned. How intelligent!

Cleaning Options

With effortless cooking, who would want an exhausting time cleaning up? It’s so incredible to know that this chore is a thing of the past. The Bosch Series 8 ovens are equipped with either the EcoClean Direct Cleaning Aid or Pyrolytic self-cleaning function, so you won’t have to scrub the grime off like a crazy woman! 

Lynn and I thoroughly enjoyed our playground very much, and yes, we secretly prayed that our husbands are reading this post!

You may download the catalogue of Bosch Series 8 Generation of Ovens here.


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