Alive Museum - Where Images Come Alive!

How're the September school holidays thus far?  Have you been to Trick Eye Museum or Alive Museum?  They are worthy visit & I would strongly recommend that you bring your children (especially those 4 up) to either of them.  1 of my nieces went to Sweden for an exchange programme (university students these days are so fortunate!), but before she flew off, AJ & I spent 2 days with her.  We went to Alive Museum 1 of those 2 days.

Alive Museum is Korea’s original & biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum.  This is the place where you can immerse yourself in fantasy & become part of a masterpiece! With the focus of creating fun, entertaining & immersive 3D pictures, each unique art piece is conceptualized, hand painted & crafted in Korea & Singapore.  Every year, 30% of the artworks will be renewed. There will be Christmas & holiday seasons related theme artworks when those seasons come.  Free Wi-Fi service is also available so that we could all instantaneously upload & share our entertaining photos on social media!

Trick Art was very popular in the Baroque era in the 16th Century.  It uses 3D painting techniques to trick your eyes & stimulate your mind into seeing both illusion & reality at the same time.

Object Art are sculptures & installations that challenge our senses. We are supposed to touch & be part of the sculpture pieces for an immersive experience & picture stories.

Digital Art combines state-of-the-art technologies & the art to enable us to experience art beyond what is seen.

Some tips on the visitation:

1) Ladies do wear shorts or pants for convenience;
2) The place isn't very big, so do be patient with each other when taking photos;
3) Try to visit during off peak period so that waiting time in each station would not be too long;
4) Do be as comical as possible so that shots would turn out fun.    

Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)


Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) Singapore 038983


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