Language Power 蓝格子, 跑啊!

I am blessed to meet many inspiring personnel & many helpful people as I tread on this temporary world.  Many a time, these people shed light when I was in the tunnel, gave me a hand when I fell.

1 of the most inspiring personnel I have come across in my life thus far is 张美香, Eeva Chang, of whom AJ & I affectionately address as 美香校长.  I blogged about how we crossed our paths in May this year, you may like to read about it here.  AJ did a remarkable stage show when he was in her enrichment centre.  Never would I have dreamt that my boy could do this at age 4+ (blog link). & he did so much more under her Mandarin Public Speaking programme (blog link).

In the few Meet-the-Parent sessions that she held with us, she shared many insights on how to enhance/improve our children's Chinese.  The fact that AJ does not have much difficulty coping with Chinese, I know that I have owed her much.

When she publicised 'Language Power" <蓝格子, 跑啊!> in the facebook, I had the urge to go.  I know I would learn A LOT from her.  This is what she quoted in the facebook:

现代人时间宝贵, 要把时间花在对自己最有意义, 最有益处的事情上, 即使是朋友也是一样, 不可只是捧场。
所以,我把为什么你应该来看我的演讲秀的理由列下来, 希望你看看, 9月20日我们蓝格子,跑啊! (Language Power)见!!


2。你会体会到, 你的孩子或自己是否用了最好的方式与语言相处?
3。我们会一起明白, 在新加坡学习语文真的如此痛苦吗?
4。你有机会听见自己 是如何在"运用"着自己的声音能量和语文能量。
8。新加坡的小学生最直白的心里话, 在那天会告诉你。

Are you won over?  I am!

The talk will be held at Resort World Theatre (Sentosa) 20th Sep 3-5pm.  You may purchase your tickets from Sistic or direct from Rediffusion (62883321) to save the booking fee.

If you are searching for ways to help improving your child(ren)'s Chinese, this is a talk not to be missed.  You will be enlighten!


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