An Interview With Mother & Baby Magazine

I have let the cat out.
Please read with an open mind, & please don’t judge us.

We believe that raw intelligence & high potential are not enough for a person to succeed.  Having higher IQ than the rest does not guarantee that the child will grow up to be a fine, well-mannered, filial, & most importantly, God-fearing gentleman/lady.

Traditionally, intelligence has been interpreted as a measure of the “cognitive abilities’’ of an individual. Psychometric tests have been used to test the general intelligence or cognitive ability of an individual but these tests do not factor in other abilities like creativity & emotional quotient (EQ).

If you are familiar with the theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI), you might have already discovered that your child(ren) is/are having some of these intelligences:

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In the sense, every child is gifted in some areas.  For all you know, you could have a genius at home too!  As parents, it is our duty to unlock the full potential of our children.  As long as it is within our means, we will provide the necessary resources & create the environment to better nurture them.  

It happens that AJ possesses a few of these intelligences & they also fall into the parameters of the psychometric tests that qualify him to be in the club.  Sure, in terms of academic & musical performance, his learning curve is less steep.  But he also has areas in which he is not even on par with his peers.  Sounds fair?  What we do know is that the road ahead for the child is still long.  How he would turn out to be is our responsibility, yet completely in the Hands of God.  We can only do our part, & let God lead the way.

Rise & Shine Expo recently shared an article on MI, you may like to read it here.


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