SG50 - Singapore Turns 50 Next Year

This is the SG50 logo.  It represents the little red dot that we’ve come to know as home. It celebrates our Singapore spirit & dreams which is much much bigger than, & not limited to, the physical size of our island nation.

Whenever I see this logo, my heart is always overwhelmed with emotion.  I don't know how will I live through 2015, but the thought of my country celebrating its Golden Jubilee next year simply caused me to choke with emotion.

I brought AJ to WE: Defining Stories exhibition in National Museum during June school holiday.  As we strolled through the exhibition hall, I stopped by some significant photos & explained to him a little on the history of them.  I choked on my words when I saw these photos:

These were taken when MM Lee (Prime Minister then) had a talk with the people of the Malayan.  The negotiation failed.  The Malayan did not want Singapore to be part of them.  It was when Lee Kuan Yew tear-ed.

So we had to be on our own feet.  On this land where we have no natural resources, how did we manage to be a blooming country?

It is of no doubt that he has all my respect.  He built this nation from scratch.  Sure, he has his flaws in ruling this country, but who is perfect?  How difficult it is to rule a country, but he turned it from a country of nobody to a country of somebody.

So in 2015, Singapore will turn 50.  How many 50s could I have? Probably only 1.  But our next generations may witness this Golden Jubilee & probably even Centennial.  As much as we should celebrate, we should also reflect on what we’ve gone through, our shared experiences & our dreams for the future with the next generations.

SG50 celebrates 50 years of our independence since 1965, all the hardship & tears, smiles & joy, standing together, helping one another, 50 years of friends, family & communities regardless of race, language or religion, our innovative & pioneering spirit, our rich & diverse cultures & 50 years of 'US'.  It is a whole year round of celebration.

We will be celebrating SG50 the whole of 2015!

But in 2014, we are already having a prelude for SG50.  SG50 will be having a roadshow in Northpoint Shopping Centre this weekend.  Come!  Visit the roadshow to better understand the SG50 campaign & know how you may participate in the Celebration!

If you show that you're a fan of SG50 Facebook fanpage,
you can collect a gift from the friendly mama shop uncle.
Behold!  I have told you so!

Now you can keep yourselves abreast with the activities lined up.  Simply follow these social media platforms to get the latest updates on the SG50 movement:
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Check out the previous two SG50 roadshows that you have missed!  I'm sure you won't want to miss this one at Northpoint after watching this clip!

What is my wish for SG50?
I wish Mr Lee Kuan Yew will celebrate it with us.


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