Bangkok - Damnoensaduak Floating Market & Maeklong Railway Market

This is a monthly post on 'Educational Places'. Every 4th week of the month I will post on local educational places we have brought AJ to.  However, in this post, the place covered is not in Singapore but in Bangkok.

Jan - The Coins & Notes Museum
Feb - The NEWater Plant
Mar - Gardens By The Bay - The Cloud Forest
Apr - Gardens By The Bay - The Flower Dome
May - The Changi Museum
Jun - Human Body Experience & Nature's Design Exhibition @ Singapore Science Centre
Jul - Literary Trail: In Search of the Missing Heirloom in Katong

AJ seldom steps into local wet market because the mummy here doesn't go too.  I buy grocery from supermarket, heehee.

But the 2 types of market here in Bangkok are worthy visit.  I understand that there are a few of these in Bangkok, we chose those that offered us good tour deals.  We booked ours at S$26/pax. You may book your trip here.

Damnoensaduak Floating Market
Damnoenssaduak was the name of the canal dug in the reign of King Rama IV.  In those days without rivers & canals, transportation was almost motionless.  Most people live densely along both sides of the canal from one end of the canal to another.  The majority of them are agriculturists.  They grow several different kinds of fruit & vegetable.  Day in & day out from about 8am to about 11am, the Floating Market is routinely crowded with hundreds of vendors & purchasers floating in their small row boats selling & buying or exchanging their goods.  What they purchase are particularly food, fruit & vegetable which mostly brought from their own orchards. They usually travel on their small row boats.

Now, it is more commercialised, so you will get to see vendors selling souvenirs as well.  But it was a great exposure for AJ.  This is the 1st time he rode on a small row boat along a canal & 1st time experiencing the ancient style of trading.

The ride on the boat can be hot! Remember your hat/cap & sunscreen!

Maeklong Railway Market
This railway became famous for its route through the Maeklong Railway Market, which means the 'Umbrella Pulldown Market'.  It is 1 of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand, & is centred around the Maeklong Railway's track.  Whenever a train approaches, the awnings & shop fronts are moved back from the rails, to be replaced once the train has passed.  It should be an amazing sight, unfortunately, we didn't get to see it because the train broke down.  So it didn't come, what a waste!  Please search youtube video for it if you are interested.

The train scheduled to arrive at 9.45am broke down.  But we couldn't wait for the next one at 12.05pm

The collection of food items they sell

The bottom pix shows bbq frogs!

This is a half day tour, visiting 2 exquisite markets.  In view of the heavy traffic in Bangkok, the tour van picked us up at 7am.  The journey on the road to 1 of the markets was 2 hours (we went to Maeklong Railway Market 1st).  After a short tour, the van brought us to Damnoensaduak Floating Market, which was about 15mins drive away.  By the time we reached our hotel, it was near 2pm.  If you intend to visit these 2 markets, do take note of the time needed & pack light snack for your little ones.

AJ read <Bangkok Guide for kids by kids> before we left for this trip.
We stayed in Glow Pratunam Hotelvisited Madame Tussauds and Safari World.


  1. Interesting! Was keen to go these markets, alas our trip was more of shopping and food, hehee.

    Maybe next time, with the kids:).

    1. Without the boy in this trip, my Bangkok trip will also be shopping & eating. :D

  2. Hi interesting! Do they pick up fr any hotel location?

    1. Yes CE. Pick up from almost any hotel in Bangkok.


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