My Birthday But Another Ordinary Day

August is my birthday month, it is also my wedding anniversary.  Yes, my wedding anniversary is also my birthday.  As usual & as expected, no celebration, no surprises from the father.  Last year he even forgot about it.  The boy didn't know it was my birthday until the father told him.  But kids being kids, they usually do not initiate anything until they are being prompted/encouraged by the adults.  So, yea, nothing from both of them.  In case you wonder, no, no, no soreness over it because this is how the father is being brought up.  He may not be a good lover, but he is a good father.  But I am determined not to let AJ follow his footstep :)  , the boy should learn when there is a need to call for celebration..

Instead of lamenting over the no-celebration, I turned my eyes on the freebies that both NTUC & Popular bookstores provided for me & have the celebration myself.

I went for Aromatherapy Body Massage at Body Wellness. Oh boy, what a torture, instead of a blissful, relaxing massage as claimed here.  The masseur used all her strength & might (九牛二虎之力) on me.  Even though I told her to "小力一点" (aka to be more gentle) because I have not been for body massage for ages, she didn't seem to register. 

I literally felt like this during the massage session.
Think I will sucumb to the sales speech & sign up for the package?

I have not been for a proper facial for the longest time ever.  Since it was given to me as a compliment, why not?  It wasn't too bad, neither was there any to shout about.

I also opt for the Foot Reflexology & I was so glad that I did!  It has to be 1 of the best foot massages I ever had!

Then I went for the yoga classes.  I have never tried yoga before, & because of the origin of yoga, I am careful not to choose those classes that incorporate meditation.  You may like to read about the origin of yoga here.

I went for 1st of the 3 complimentary classes this morning & this was what I posted in my Instagram account.

So this was how I celebrated my birthday month myself.  Hopefully next year would be more exciting?


  1. Celebrating it by pampering yourself sound like the prefect way to celebrate you on your birthday.

    1. Certainly, Susan. Though I hope next year would be more exciting :)

  2. 疼自己爱自己很好呀!


  3. You are so cute to make use of so many vouchers!! (I would have loved to have done it too, but where to find the time or babysitters to do so many things....) Happy birthday :)

    1. They were used over a stretch of 1.5 months lah


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