An Extraordinary Mother, Pamela Lim

This is a monthly post on 'Inspiring Individual'. Every 2nd week of the month I will post on individual who has crossed our path & how we were inspired by him/her.

Jan - The Music Conductor, Adrian Tan
Feb - Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Success Coach - Ismail Gafoor
Mar - 儿子的华文老师 - 颜清碹老师
Apr - Man of God - Rev. (Dr.) Prabhudas Koshy
May - 新加坡教育界的杰出华人 - 张美香校长
Jun - Trading Master, My Mentor - Robin Ho
Jul - Top-tier Remiser & Stock Trainer, Collin Seow

I don't think she needs much introduction.  She writes frequently on her Facebook Fanpage, sharing her view on educational stuff (mainly). 

Photo taken this year in Aug at Rise & Shine Expo. Was surprised that she still recognises me!

When I first came to read about her sharing on her facebook (FB) fanpage about a year & half ago, honestly, I wasn't too impressed.  I thought they were a little too boastful, I doubted their credibility.  I 'liked' her fanpage regardless, because I wanted to read what she wrote.

At around last year July/August, she held some seminars & she promoted them on her FB fanpage.  I didn't know what motivated me to sign up, but I did.  So that was the 1st time I met her, face-to-face, & heard her in person.

Oh boy, was I glad to have attended! 

My perception of Pamela changed 360 degrees, from 1 extreme of the spectrum to the other.  In that seminar, I experienced how sincere she was, how helpful she was & how intelligent she was.  How wrong I was to be so judgemental of her.  I was so ashamed of myself!  I thank God that He has enabled me to see the real Pamela.  How fortunate I was to discover the truth.  Through her sharing that day, the father & I had a better idea how we might help AJ in his educational path ahead.

This year, when Rise & Shine Expo organised another seminar conducted by her, I decided to attend again.  To me, it was another opportunity to learn from an experienced mother who has put her 5 children through accelerated education programmes.  She has done it 5 times over, who else could be better to impart the knowledge & share the experience.

To my delightful surprise, she remembers me even though I haven't met her for a year.  & again, I learned something valuable from her that day.

To Pamela, I just want to say 'thank you' to you for your selfless sharing & taking time & effort to reply to my countless messages.  I look forward to reading more of your sharing on FB!


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