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I am big on shopping online, in case you just started to read my blog. From books, shoes, meals, household stuff, even groceries, whenever it be possible, I will try to buy them online. In situations when I can't, then only will I visit brick and mortar. Online shopping saves me time (on travelling), in the sense, some money as well (transportation). So when I do come across trustworthy shopping sites, I stick to them.

Recently, I was introduced to, an online shopping site for busy mummies with very young children. Mothers these days are multi-taskers. We have so much to manage in our to-do list and most of the time, we would prefer to devote our precious time for our children or have more me-time for ourselves. In case you wonder, no, I'm not pregnant. I am merely sharing with you this website that could possibly saves you time because I was once a mom with young kid. I know how challenging it is trying to micro-manage many things regarding our babies. makes shopping for our babies’ necessities easy. As an established importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor of some of the leading brands, you can find a wide repertoire of safe and interesting products at The company has earned a strong reputation as a reliable business partner in the South East Asia region.

Some of the brands you can find at the e-boutique include:
• Farlin Baby (from Taiwan)
• Bright Bots (from Australia)
• Bubba Blue (from Australia)
• Galipette (from France)
• Farlink (from Singapore)
• HopZalong (from Singapore)
• Karibu (from Hong Kong)

These brands are also available at various participating retail outlets.

I was invited to review Farlin Baby Clothes Wash and Farlin Baby Liquid Cleanser .

Farlin Baby Clothes Wash

There has been discussion on the web whether babies need separate clothes wash. My answer is 'Yes'. I have seen many young children having eczema or very sensitive skins. Certainly, it has greatly to do with the mothers' diet and subsequently the children's diet. What we really need is to minimise irritants. So yes, we need baby clothes wash for these dedicate skin.

Because of the above, we should attempt to get detergents which are:
fragrance, dye, chemical and residue free; and
- organic and hypo-allergenic

There are a few things in Farlin Baby Clothes Wash that I like: 
- It is made from plant base cleaning agent and thus an eco-friendly cleanser;
- It has organic and natural grease remover extract so it is safe and gentle for daily use; and
- It is effective and efficient on all the possible stains like milk, food, crayons, etc

The natural plant formulation is perfect for baby's soft and tender skin. It has anti-bacterial properties and leaves behind no dirt on the clothes; despite not having harsh chemicals. It is fluorescence-free and is non-stimulating. It leaves no unwanted stinks on the clothes and is safe to use. If you are thinking of getting clothes wash for your babies or opting a change of brand, do try give Farlin Baby Clothes Wash a try. You can get it from here.

Farlin Baby Liquid Cleanser

The other one that I have tried is Farlin Baby Liquid Cleanser. It is formulated with food-grade natural plants thus it is mild and non-irritable. It is also in compliance with safety requirements of FDA. It is not only safe enough for cleaning baby care products, it is safe for cleaning vegetables and fruits too.

Although it is without harsh chemicals, it cleans and rinses very well, there is no slimey residues. And since it is pH5.5 (mildly acidic), it is kind to our hands too. It is no wonder that the little boy didn't mind cleaning his own water bottle when I asked him to.

You may get Farlin Baby Liquid Wash at here.

Hey, wait! Here's your chance to win $50 e-shopping vouchers at so that you can get Farlin products for free! The giveaway is open to all Facebook fans of Mummybebesg and Farlinbabysg. Do drop me a comment if you are a fan of both and let me know your Facebook profile name, ya! I will update you if you have won after National Day.

Congratulations to these winners who have won a $50 e-shopping voucher each:
1. Matthew Mah
2. Pauline King
3. Sherry Tan

I'll contact you via email.


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