From The Stacks: Highlights Of The National Library

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This is a new exhibition currently still showcasing in National Library Building (Bugis) till 28 August at level 10. The exhibition curates over 100 rare artefacts dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, it will let you rediscover Singapore like you have never known before. These rare materials are largely drawn from National Library's 11,000-strong Rare Materials Collection. The exhibits cover a diverse range of material, from politics, history, sociology, language and religion to current affairs, nature, travel and food. 

We went for the curator's tour (link to registration of tour is at end of this post), which took us through highlights of the exhibition such as the earliest publications in Singapore; a letter from Lady Raffles to Rev Dr Thomas Raffles to declare her love for Sir Stamford Raffles; the Singapore Chronicle (Singapore’s first newspaper); the first cookbook published by a Singaporean author; and a documentation outlining plans for building Singapore’s first school – Raffles Institution.

Here are some photos from NLB:

Raffles' Letters

1 of Raffles' letters

A collection of whimsical nursery rhymes given a delightful Malayan spin 

This book is presented in a bilingual format, with the English nursery rhyme immediately followed by its Malay translation

The purpose of such book was to help readers with a rudimentary knowledge of Malay to have a better understanding of its content

This Hua Yi Tong Yu (华夷通语) - one of the earliest Chinese-Malay dictionaries

This exhibition is currently still showcasing in National Library Building (Bugis) till 28 August at level 10. It would be very interesting for children of upper primary and in secondary to attend, particularly for those studying Social Studies and Singapore History. AJ has urged me to bring him there again. We are likely to visit it during one of the PSLE exam days.

For more details on the exhibition, please visit NLB's website.
For booking of Curator's Tour (free), please register here.

Curator’s Tour Conducted in English
Weekday | 7.30pm – 8.30pm | 19 Aug 2016
Weekend (except PH) | 1pm – 2pm | All Saturdays and Sundays till 28 August 2016

Update: Exhibition has been extended to 25 Sep 2016.
Yay! There is another meaningful place to visit this Sep school holiday!


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