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I love Japanese food because it is paleo-friendly, and most of the time low in carbo if you are able to avoid sushi, don and its noodles. I particularly love sashimi, but it is not easy getting really fresh ones that don't burn a hole (or many holes) in my pocket. The search has stopped, right here, at Barashi-Tei

The Sashimi Salad (Barashi Salad) is always my to-go-to in any Japanese restaurants. This chunky fresh raw fish just go in harmony with some leafy greens in Barashi-Tei. It is simply gorgeous.

For those who must have some carbo, you could order Bara Chirashi (above). Rice is served.

As for me, Sashimi like this will just be fine. Barashi Tei is generous with their thick cuts of sashimi. You can also asked for rice to be served with this dish.

I don't take much rice, but this Spicy Salmon Maki may just make me do so. The comforting thing is, there isn't much rice wrapped around the maki. Instead this maki consists of soft aburi salmon, mentaiko sauce (which is not spicy in my opinion) and thinly battered yet succulent ebi tempura in the core. This is a must-have, I would say, beside the sashimi.

If you like prawns, you will love these 2 dishes - one pan-fried; one deep-fried. Both are equally nice because the prawns are fresh, fat and juicy. 

How about Squid wrapped with Bacon? If you like these two, you will definitely love this combi. 

This is my first time trying Goose Liver. This fole gras with sirloin steak is da boom. The liver is rich and buttery, and the steak is tender.

The soup of this Ishikari Nabe Teoshoku is made of Japanese mackerel. The owner said the soup was boiled for long hours. I told AJ to drink as much soup as he could, because it is so filled with nutrients :).  If you want something warm, soupy yet filled with nutrients, this is the to-go-to.

I am not sure why, but these Japanese sweet potatoes taste so much sweeter than any of those sweet potatoes I bought from supermarketd, whether they are from Australia, Vietnam or Malaysia, they don't taste as sweet as these. I like sweet potatoes, and this one is so yummy. If it wasn't because of a full stomach, I would have finished this all by myself.

Overall, my family had a very good experience with Barashi-Tei that night, and we will definitely visit it again. We may also bring guests who love Japanese food there too. In my opinion, they really serve fresh ingredients at pocket-friendly prices. From what I know, all ingredients are imported from Japan. Some sauces are even made by owner himself. Truly, food taste better when there is no short cut, when it is prepared from the heart.

266 Middle Road
Singapore 188991
Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 4am
Tel: 68370506

You may also like to know that Barashi-Tei has opened 2 foodcourt outlets, one in Manulife Centre (Bras Basah Road) Food Republic and one in KK Women's And Children's Hospital Kopitiam. If you happened to be around there, do drop by for a quick meal too.

 Manulife Centre (Bras Basah Road) Food Republic

KK Women's And Children's Hospital Kopitiam


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