SandBank's New International Lunch Buffet

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We had a good experience with SandBank's Breakfast Buffet in March this year. I love the idea of having the little ones eat, drink, plunge and in repeat mode because this is really what they need to grow physically.

And now, SandBank has introduced the International Lunch Buffet at $25.90 per pax (children aged 4-12 eat at half price)! Hurray! Let's go dig in now!

The Western Corner
Going for an International buffet means one would expect East meets West kind of cuisine. It is no exception here in SandBank's International Lunch Buffet. Just look at the salad bar, it has a pretty decent spread.

If pasta is what you need, you can get the chef to cook for you to your liking.

The grill corner satisfies me most. From roasted chicken, to sausages, to grilled beef and roasted vegetables, all these are palatable to me who am on Paleo diet

And the kids-friendly fried chicken, calamari and spring rolls. We love the chicken wings and spring rolls!

If you like pizza in a lighter way, this is a must-try! The thin crust base means it is less starchy and the amount of cheese is not over powering that might cause the crust to be soggy.

The Oriental Corner
For those who prefer oriental food, this corner will be your little haven. The spread is really good, I would say.

The chicken in dishes like Lemongrass Chicken and Hainanese Steamed Chicken are very well marinated. I like the Braised Pork Belly as the meat is very tender. The test of the freshness of the ingredients is in the seafood, and the Oyster and Steam Prawns both passed the test with flying colours. 

 Mixed vegetables cooked in oyster sauce

 Fruit Rojak

Braised Pork Belly with Broccoli


 Steam Prawns in Chinese Wine

Lemongrass Chicken 

 Hainanese Steamed Chicken

There are only western desserts, no oriental desserts.  But there are cut fruits, if you prefer something fruits after meal. We love the Chocolate Fudge Cake for its richness.

 Blueberry Panna Cotta and Mango Pudding

American Cheese Cake 

Banana Cake 

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Thank you SandBank once again for the invite! This International Lunch Buffet is indeed very value-for-money given the spread. We reckoned that this is a nice place to go to if you can afford a longer lunch break, a small casual lunch gathering, or even having an off-site meeting cum lunch.

920 East Coast Parkway
#01-28 Parklane Green
Singapore 449875
Tel: 62477988

International Lunch Buffet is available on weekdays (non-PH) from 11.30am to 3.30pm. 
Plunge pool is available till 7pm.
The restaurant does not operate on Monday.

If you drive, you can park at Carpark C1. Sand Bank is directly opposite Parkway Parade when looking across from ECP.
If you take bus, use the underground tunnel behind FairPrice Finest at Parkway Parade vicinity.


  1. Wow that does look like quite a spread! I will add it to my list of places to go. Thanks!

  2. My family is buffet goers and this looks good. I like the oriental corner more! esp the pork belly!
    Love to go but too bad its weekday lunch.. :(

  3. That looks pretty value for money! Will keep in mind the next time I'm off on a weekday. :)

  4. The food looks amazing!! Great for gathering! Bookmarking this ;)

  5. What a spread! I'm very impressed with the grill offering - it looks good! What was the pool like? The last time I visited Sandbank, the pool was...cloudy and greenish.

    1. We didnt plunge into the pool, I didnt notice the condition. Hope it is clean and mint now.

  6. Wow the selection looks really good! Yay for another place for yummy family-friendly meals :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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