Garden Picks - The Dried Fruits and Nuts Company We Like


We are BIG on nuts, especially walnuts, almond nuts and cashew nuts. Occasionally I do buy peanuts (peanuts are not nuts) and other variations of nuts. Nuts help me add colours, texture and taste to our usual family consumption of chia seed pudding, oatmeal and yoghurt. Sometimes we eat nuts for snack, sometimes I packed some nuts for AJ to bring to school. When properly selected, nuts can be a nutritious snack.

When I sent AJ for choir practice, I did pop by Garden Picks' push cart at Raffles Exchange to pick up some nuts (they have moved out now). Truth be told, their 3 packets for $10 offer is very hard to resist, so I usually bagged 3 or 6 packets back.

Maybe these guys from Garden Picks came to notice that I patronised their push cart often, they decided to send me some samples to try which I have not bought before.

Needless to say, the most delightful person in the household has to be the little boy as he saw some of his favourites displayed on the table. Are you able to guess what he likes?

While the mom here scrutinises every ingredient listed in the packaging, the little boy, being a child, chooses what suits his taste bug most. Yes, he prefers BBQ Rice Crisps, Honey Mustard Soya Crisps, Chilli Corn Nuts (not spicy), Salted Caramel Peanuts, Dry-Roasted Green Soybean and Crispy Lotus Seeds. In . That . Order.  The mom here, on the other hand, has almost her preference in reverse order because the last two has the least ingredients.

Now you can have the convenience of having wholesome nuts at your fingertips as well. Garden Picks offers free delivery with every purchase of $50 and above. You can combine orders with your colleagues or neighbourhood, here's how you save your leg work! To order, please click this link here.


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