Natural Healings Through Chiropractic - Part 2 of 4


You may be aware that my husband has recently visited a Chiropractor at Natural Healings. Here's the first blog post.

Well, he was advised to do x-ray to better examine his condition. Good thing he did. The x-ray showed clearly his condition. Boy! How glad we are to have come to Natural Healings for natural healing!

The blue lines trace the ideal curve of our spine, the red lines, the actual condition of the spine. From the X-ray slides, you could see his neck has obviously lost its natural curve (ideally 40-45 degrees) and has straighten too much. This off-alignment is largely due to long hours of the head tilting down looking at the computer screen and handphone! If you sit slumped in front of a computer, television and handphone for 3-4 hours in a single day (which most of us do!), we are likely to suffer this loss of neck curve. 

His lower spine has also been compromised, possibly because of long-hours of sitting down (woes of office workers!). His shoulder is slanted due to habitual load-bearing with the weight unevenly concentrated on one side.

These years of ill-treating our spines costs us dearly, I tell you. When we were young, we ignored our health, ate highly processed food and junk food, then we suffer in our 40s and 50s. When we were young, we didn't pay much attention to our posture, and it slowly becomes a habit, then we suffer at 40s and 50s.

The Chiropractor does some adjustments to the husband's neck, shoulder and lower back twice a week. The husband has been enjoying this chiropractic adjustments for close to 3 weeks now and he is looking forward to every treatment. As the treatment continues, he feels his bones and muscles feeling less stiff and he is now more conscious of his posture

As I research more, I've found out that if our spinal bones are improperly aligned, it will cause our nervous system to get stressed up and that will adversely impact the body's ability to heal. Poor posture degrades the health of the spine and consequently degrades the health of our brain and organs. So don't wait till you experience discomfort or pain to receive chiropractic care. Living a healthy life is highly dependent upon reducing subluxation, improving posture, maximising our nervous system and preventing diseases.

Now you can enjoy spinal screening and posture analysis with adjustment at $38 (worth $180) when you SMS <JENN_NAME> (eg. if your name is 'Tony', then you key in the sms text as <JENN Tony>) to 8138 6088. Promotion is valid till 30 July 2016.


  1. My hubby is seeing a chiropractor for some injury too and enjoys the massages and all. Good thing your hubby discovered the problems now and not later! Hope he regains his full spinal health soon!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Oh gosh, I knew a good posture is important, but I didn't know a bad posture could be sooo bad for us. My husband and I had a posture screening before. While I got the all clear, he went for a realignment session. Apparently, it hurt the next few days and he stopped going :(

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  3. Oh my goodness I was JUST thinking of seeing a chiropractor! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh dear... my posture is bad most of the time! I think my spine must be in really bad shape. No wonder I always have back pain and shoulders pain.

  5. Both my husband and I spends long hours in front of a computer and recently we've experience tension in our neck and lower back. This serves as timely reminder that we should probably get our back checked out too.

  6. wah! if i go for this, the blue line and red line sure very far apart! I used to go to a chiropractor but stopped due to the cost.

  7. My hubby too has got this spinal back pain and we too were thinking to refer back to a specialist. Thanks for these details.

  8. Just made an appointment for myself n my girl thru your blog, thanks for the post.

  9. I suffer from stiff shoulder periodically. I might give the chiropractor a try.

  10. Great. I need chiropractor. I have a Local Chiropractor in Greenville SC Continuum Chiropractic, If have another post, share with us. Really, you are the best.
    Thank you


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