Uncovering The Covered (and Coveted) Alfero Gelato

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I love ice cream but I only leave it to occasional treats. Because of that, I am pretty selective of the ice cream I buy. Frankly, I would rather pay a premium of $5 a scoop than $1 a block from the ice cream man on the street. The truth is: the difference in price is due to the sugar content, milk content and the preservatives used.

Durian Gelato. Made with real Mao Shan Wang or D24. I am not a fan of durian but I know how to distinct real fruit or artificial flavouring. This one not only pass my critique, I believe it will win the hearts of many durian lovers.

And if you really don't mind paying premium for quality treats, you should try Alfero Gelato.

Marco Alfero, founder of Alfero Gelato, came from Turin, Italy to Singapore in October 2009 to deliver us “il paradiso” (“heaven” in Italian). Recently crowned the Best Ice Cream Parlour by RAS Epicurean Star Award Singapore 2015, Alfero Gelato is made using only the finest quality ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe.

When you visit their stores in Macpherson or Orchardgateway, you don't see their gelato on display. Alfero Gelato is stored in pozzetto cabinets where exposure to light and air is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the smoothness and quality of the ice cream.

Look to the right. Alfero Gelato are stored in pozzetto cabinets. Gelato are not display in full glory because that will compromise the taste and texture! I learned something that day!

Marco believes in serving only the best-tasting gelato to his customers, which is why he insists on keeping his gelato covered while on display (unlike other ice cream cafes which display their products in full glory while compromising on taste and texture of their creams). This brave move and unique concept will certainly delight customers, as the difference is certainly unmistakable and almost impossible to miss. One taste of Alfero Gelato, you’d never want to keep it uncovered again. Seriously.

Keep calm. Be Happy. Enjoy your gelato from Alfero Gelato.
This is probably the best you could have in Singapore.
Seen here are Bacio (best seller) and Black Sesame (my fave)

Marco is fearless and unapologetic of the time and effort required to make a single tub of gelato so that you can be sure of its mind-blowing taste and creaminess. Alfero Gelato, as strictly administered by Marco himself, is made using premium ingredients imported from Italy and each process of the gelato-making is done painstakingly without missing a step. This ensures the smooth and tasty texture of each scoop of Alfero Gelato.

Gelato with pandan waffle. The auntie at the Macpherson outlet personally squeezes the juice from pandan leave to make these waffles. Absolutely no additives or colourings!

Alfero Gelato made their gelato with only 2 - 9% fat and with free-range milk, you can definitely indulge guilt-free. Some of their signature staples and most popular gelato flavours:

• Pistachio
• Bacio
• Dark Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)
• Durian (Mao Shan Wang or D24)
• Mango (sorbet)

Prices of ice cream:
$4.50 per scoop (in a cup)
$6.50 for 2 scoops (in a cup)
$8.50 3 scoops (in a cup)
Additional $0.50 per scoop for premium flavour such as Pistachio

Mango smoothie. Made with real mangoes from India

Alfero Gelato serves smoothies too! These smoothies are thick and definitely very filling.

Avocado smoothie with Gula Melaka. Craving for one now?

Alfero Gelato is conveniently located at:
• 81 MacPherson Lane 01-37 (12nn to 9pm)
• 277 Orchard Road #B2-06 orchardgateway (12nn to 10pm)

Macpherson outlet 

Orchardgateway outlet

Alfero Gelato
Website: www.alferogelato.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alferogelato/
Instagram: @alferogelato (hashtag: #alferogelato)


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