2014 New Year Blog Resolution

Hello there!  Wishing everyone a blessed & prosperous 2014 ahead!

A new year symbolises a new start, or rather, a chance for a new start, a hope for a good start that will end well.

This new year, I have decided to give my blog some direction so that readers of my blog would have a good idea what they can expect.

So here I am sharing with you the regular topics I will post in 2014:

A Parenting Book Review
During 1st Thursday or Friday of the month, I will post review on parenting books which I have read & share with you what I thought of them.  If I have applied the methods described in those books, I will also share my experiences.

It can be anything pertaining to homelearning, character building, handling situations in life & even teaching our children about money management. 

Inspiring Individual
In the 2nd Thursday or Friday of the month, I will post on individuals who have crossed the path of AJ &/or myself.  It may or may not be an interview.  I will share on our encounters with them, how we see them & our opinions of them.  We count our blessings to have met them.  You may be surprise how these people have enriched our lives.

Web/Mobile Application or Book Review
This will happen in the 3rd Thursday or Friday of the month.  The review on web/mobile application or book will be for children of different ages.  Over the years AJ have come across many of these & I thought it would be good for me to document them down.

Educational Places
In the 4th Thursday or Friday of the month, I will share on the educational places in Singapore that we have brought AJ to.

This is a topic close to my heart.  I am keen on homeschooling & am on standby mode for this.  Any time when AJ is ready, I am ready.  Thus, I am keen to meet up with those parents who are currently homeschooling their children, particularly those children who are supposed to be in the compulsory education (i.e. Primary/Elementary School) but are not.  It takes a lot of courage to homeschool older children because the things they need to master are far deeper & parents often find themselves incapacitated to help their older children.  It would be interesting to hear from the horse's mouth how they do it.  This will happen on the 5th Thursday or Friday of the month.

Should there be any ad hoc posting, I will post them in between the weeks.

I am also embarking on the Ultimate Blog Challenge in Jan 2014, so I will have a daily blog post for the entire month!  With these in plan, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!  Have a blessed 2014 ahead! 

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  1. Hi Jenn! Looks like a busy year for you ahead. Here wishing you a great fulfilment of 2014:).

    I also thank 2013 for getting to know you in person, hope you get well soon & see you again soon:).

    1. Yes, indeed a pleasure to have known you in person too, pc. During the period of handicap, I had some time to think, plan & write draft posts, so I think it is manageable. :)

  2. What a great idea! I've been working on being more organized about planning my blog posts, but you've taken it a step further - and I may just follow your example! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Hi Laurel! Least expect to find it helpful to anyone. Glad that it has spurred you on. Thank you for popping by.


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