I Survived The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Yes!  I have successfully completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBS)!  Boy! How not easy, at least for me, to have 31 consecutively blog posts!  This is the first time I took up this challenge & all I could say is I am glad that I have made it!

It wasn't easy for me, being new to blogging publicly.  I was very concerned that I might run out of ideas what to write.

So when I decided to take up this challenge, I gave myself 2 months to prepare.

I spent the 1st month conceptualising the daily content, listing out what I could blog on as much as possible.

Then I started some writing in the 2nd month.  Towards end of December last year, I have about 15 blog posts in my draft folder.

Slowly, as the day went by, I added more as more things/events happened.  It was only towards the last 5 days of January that I started to feel a little stretched as other responsibilities started to take priority.  So I told myself to finish up all the balance posts quickly & saved all in the draft folder.  Glad that by 26 January, I got all the balance posts ready & I could move on to other things.

Will I participate in the next UBS or in the future?  I am not sure yet.  I need a rest 1st!  :)



  1. Awesome timeline. Glad to see that you made it to the finish line. It's not to bad. ;-)

  2. enjoyed reading your blogs. congrats on completing the challenge.

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I hope you have great success with your blog.

  4. Congrats Jenn on completing the challenge. Dropping by from UBC..We share the joy as I completed the challenge too :)


  5. woohoo you made it well done . I have book marked your blog keep up the great writing x

  6. This a great achievement! Well done :)


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