Chocolate Spread with No Preservatives, No Additives

I am no domestic goddess, however, as much as possible, if it is within my interest, my capabilities, my capacity & my limited kitchen tools (I do not have food processor, blender & mixer), I will try to DIY so that I could minimise my family's exposure to preservatives, additives & processed stuff.

AJ loves chocolate.  Yes, I have not come across any child who does not.  Anything with chocolate goes - bread with chocolate spread, chocolate bites, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice-cream, you name it all, they are simply irresistible to the boy.

Chocolate spread is 1 of the most versatile spread to whip up the appetite of this picky eater.  What do I do if I want it preservatives & additives free?  I made my own chocolate spread!

Ingredients: 3 of these only
(1) Measure same weight of cocoa powder & coconut oil & mix them well with a fork or whisk.
I used 400g of cocoa powder & 400g of coconut oil.  It can make up to 3 bottles of 500ml bottle.

(2) Cook the mixture over low fire until you can smell the chocolate aroma.

(3) Remove from heat & add honey to taste.
I added 200g of honey because I did not like it too sweet. You may add more according to your preference.

(4) Refrigerate or keep it at room temperature.
If you choose to keep it refrigerated, do note that the content will harden as oil & honey harden when cold.  Let it thaw for at least an hour before consumption.  I will keep it at room temperature for convenience.  Coconut oil & honey can be kept in room temperature, so that's not an issue.  Do consumer as quickly as possible as it has no preservatives & additives.

This is perfect as chocolate spread for bread, chocolate dips for biscuits, chocolate fondue for fruits, etc! 

I like the wholesomeness of the ingredients: extra virgin coconut oil, dark cocoa powder & raw organic honey.

This simple recipe was shared with me by my friend HC who researches much into healthy food.  I am so glad to be able to make this simple yet versatile chocolate spread within 15mins.  Would you like to try it out?



  1. When I saw the chocolate powder I had to click over here :-) This is a great alternative to the supermarket brands of spread, and we can control the sugar, a much talked about problem in our food! Thank you for sharing it.

    1. I know Agatha, I am just so glad that my friend HC shared this so simple yet wholesome recipe with me.

  2. Sounds yummy ... but I'm off chocolate this year :-(


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