[Review] Traffic Guardians Online Road Safety Game

School has just started for over 2 weeks.  Have you & your little ones gotten into the routine?

AJ's school is 15mins walk from where we live.  Sometimes he scoots to school (while I chase him from behind), sometimes I will cycle him, sometimes we will walk or sometimes we will just take a bus.

Except for the last mode which we need not cross any roads, I am always wary of the traffic when we travel to school by foot, by scoot or by bike as we have to cross 3 main roads in order to get there.

So I am always on the guard from possible threats on the road, foreseeing what could happen ahead, predicting what the drivers might want to do, etc.  I also seize every opportunity to guide AJ on road safety measures & how to read danger signs.

It is no doubt that teaching young children to be more aware of the dangers on the road is often a challenge. ‘Traffic Guardians’, an online interactive game launched on the Singapore Road Safety Council website, aims to tackle that problem by taking road safety education beyond the classroom and encouraging students to learn through play.

Utilizing simple game mechanics tailored for young children, the objective of the game is to help pedestrians cross the road safely by using various road measures such as the traffic light, zebra crossing and overhead bridge. Players are also challenged to save as many pedestrians in the game as possible and stop them from jaywalking and crossing the roads dangerously. The key messages about road safety are reinforced through a series of quizzes across the game’s three levels.

We were invited to try out this online game.

This is the homepage of Traffic Guardians

Once you clicked 'enter', you'll be brought to this page to select the region.
Currently only 1 region is available.
Then you'll get to select the level of difficulty to go to.  Of course, we started with the easiest.
The objectives of the game spelt out.  Different level of difficulty has different objectives.

You've got to save the green creatures from accident!

More creatures added as you go a level up.

At the end of each game, there will be quizzes to be answered.
The quizzes ain't difficult.  Primary school kids can handle that.

Shell Companies in Singapore came up with the game concept & provided sponsorship support for a team of nine students at Nanyang Polytechnic to develop ‘Traffic Guardians’, in consultation with Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Education, Singapore Traffic Police & Singapore Road Safety Council. It currently targets 250,000 primary school students island-wide & was launched in conjunction with the 33rd Shell Traffic Games last year.

Do try out the game with your primary school kids at home.  All 3 levels would not take up more than 15 mins but it serves to reinforce road safety.

Traffic Guardians - http://srsc.org.sg/games-2/

A tip for playing the games is not to move your mouse everywhere on the screen but to just focus on 1 location to save those lives who attempted jaywalking.  This is because the creatures move too fast for the little fingers (even I could not cope with the speed).  So aim to save some lives as it is not possible to save all lives.  

We were invited to try this online road safety game. 
No monetary compensation was received for this post.  All opinions are my own. 



  1. Looks like a good game!! It is great sharing this with parents. Well done!

  2. useful post..have to try this with my lil one :)

  3. Interesting indeed!
    Here is Australia just before Christmas a child very sadly was killed by a car while walking to school with his mother and cousin, with two young kids it is something I am very aware of.


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