Travelling Solo With A Young One

During August last year, AJ & I had the chance to travel to Taipei without the father.  Though the piano teacher came along with us, she did not join us for some activities. You may read about our Taipei trip here:

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(5) Pingxi

After that experience, it somehow gave me the courage to travel solo with AJ.  When opportunity stroke again in Oct last year when school was closed for Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) marking, I jumped on the wagon to bring him to Hong Kong (HK). 

I brought him to HK in view that it was an off-peak season thus I did not have to pay through my nose & squeeze with the crowd.  Though HK is not my favourite country to visit, I have to agree that it is a child's earthly heaven because of its theme parks.  I could easily spend 4 days in the theme parks with the boy with no shopping activities inserted in between.

You may read more about our Hong Kong trip here:

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When I mentioned that I would be travelling solo with AJ, though it was only to HK, many concerned friends did warn me to be careful & watchful.  Since I have brave through this journey, I thought I could share with you some precautions I have taken to ensure both mum & child were safe.  In case you mums out there are contemplating to travel solo with your little(s), here you go!

(1) Select a safe country
Sounds obvious, right? You won't want to travel solo with a little one on toll to places where your safety will be compromised. In my opinion, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan & Hong Kong are nearer to us (Asians) & are quite safe for mum & child(ren).  But, do your research, ask around, before you decide on the country.

(2) Plan your itinerary in detail
Do plan your itinerary well with enough buffer for each activity.  Try having a more relax itinerary so that you would not get too stressed up when you are in the foreign land.  Also, let your loved ones know your itinerary.  They should know at this hour this day where would both of you be.

(3) Prepare for contingency
Do remember to buy travel insurance because unforeseen events do happen in the foreign land.  When we were in Taipei, we met with typhoon during the last leg of our trip.  I was worried that the flight maybe postponed.  If that is so, I would want to be compensated with the extended stay.

Bring at least 2 credit cards, not for your shopping spree, but as backup.  In whatever case your primary credit card could not be used, at least there is a secondary one.  It won't leave you penniless.

Bring along necessary medication & medical tools.  If your child has special medical needs, you need to ensure you have all the basic necessities on hand to nurse him/her back to health. I will usually bring ointment, painkiller & a thermometer.  

(4) Safety first
Keep the travelling to the day if you can.  If you have to go out at night, do make it a point to go back early & avoid walking on quiet aisles/streets.  Once you have reached the hotel, remember to report your safe arrival to your loved ones.

When your child (boy, I mean) needs to go to the toilet when both of you are out, try to get him to go to the female toilet if he is young enough & does not reject the idea.  This is to ensure his safety.  If he is older or if he refuses, then please stand outside the male toilet watching, not on your phone, but the entrance so that there is no chance of you losing sight of him.

Yes, you need to watch like a hawk.  Okay, maybe not like a hawk, but a very closed watch.  You need to ensure that your child is walking close to you at all times too, if you are not holding his hand. 

Avoid eating street food if you could resist.  This is to prevent unnecessary food poisoning.  Imagine if you have food poisoning in the foreign land, who will be there to help you & your little one.

Please, as much as possible, take public transports like trains and buses only. Do not take cab if it be possible (that's why I said you really need to plan your itinerary well).  The last thing you want is to have the driver drives you to a destination not of your choice. Read here.  Get it?

(5) Stay connected
It is important to stay reachable at all time, if not most of the time, so do get your roaming service activated - data &/or voice.  Try 'reporting' your activities of the day to your loved ones back home like sending them pictures taken with your mobile phone via Whatsapp, Multimedia Messaging, Kakao Chat, Google Chat, etc.  Try uploading your pictures & status in Facebook, Twitter &/or Instagram too. This way, you helped to assure your loved ones of your well-being, giving them the peace of mind.

So, are you ready to embrace the challenge?  I am likely to travel solo again with AJ this year.  Yes, I am getting better at it.  :)



  1. i've travelled with my kids alone and do think that the big thing is to think outside of the box. Stickers work great!

  2. Excellent tips. I travelled alone with my daughter when she was little and yes planning in advance every step of the way was key.

  3. Wow, don't know if I'll be brave to travel alone with my girl especially since I've never traveled alone myself.

    1. Maybe when S is older like 8 or 9? By then she is probably very independent le.


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