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My family loves soup.  I always thought that soup can be very nutritious if we cook it the right way with the right ingredients.  A few mom bloggers were invited by Soup House to taste their nutritious MSG-free soup.  Wow! Ain't we glad?

The Soup House is located in Blk 82 Whampoa Drive at a coffeeshop named Tiong Shian Eating House. 

The current stall owner Andy Yuen, a former TV director with MediaCorp, took over the stall from the previous owner just last year to pursue his passion - food.  He is a Hong Kong native who has lived in Singapore for more than 20 years.  He is a firm believer in pure, natural tastes, thus you will not find Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or even salt in his soups.

Nutritious soup at affordable price

When we got to the stall, we were met with awards & newspaper coverage presented on the wall.

All the soups are double boil, which means the soup pot is placed over another pot of boiling water & let everything cook slowly at a lower temperature.  The soup is cooked using the heat from the boiling water and not directly from the original heat source.  It is believed that this will let the soup ingredients slowly release their nutrients into the soup & the nutrients with its flavour are "locked" in the soup.

Menu for Saturday's patrons

Here we have Irene (another mom blogger) interviewing Andy Yuen

The 1st soup that was served to us was Mingmuyu Soup (明目鱼汤).   It is known to be good for eyesight, liver, kidney & complexion.  Some of the ingredients include Mingmuyu (a kind of shellfish), old cucumber, carrots, sweet & bitter almonds & red dates.  This soup was mild & light.  Very refreshing, no fishy taste at all.

Mingmuyu Soup (明目鱼汤)

The 2nd one was Winter Melon with Pork Ribs Soup.  After I tasted this, I know the one I cooked at home was a far fetch.  This one was so full of flavour!  We noticed barley was added in.  Another mom blogger, Diana, said this helped to make the soup milky. Oh! I learned something!

Old Cucumber with Pork Ribs Soup

The 3rd & 4th soup dishes were served to us together since they were all Chicken Soup.  The one you saw just below was Herbal Chicken Soup.  Normally, people drink this type of soup for nourishment because it uses lots of Chinese herbs.  I love this a lot, the herbal taste wasn't overwhelming.  Most of the time, those sold in other places have soup that were cloudy, this one, however, was clear.

Herbal Chicken Soup
The next was Herbal Black Chicken Soup.  Not many places in Singapore sell this soup, & even if you can find a stall or restaurant selling it, it is going to cost you a leg or an arm.  Usually, the Herbal Black Chicken Soup I have tasted has a sour after taste but this one did not.  Andy said it was because of the Chinese wine he added just before serving.  We gave this soup thumbs up! 

Herbal Black Chicken Soup
The 5th one we tried was Shark's Fin Melon with Pork Ribs Soup.  Don't worry, no shark's fin there.  Fin melon is a type of melon that looks like Shark's Fin when shredded (see picture below).  Diana was super impressed with the culinary skills of Andy that he could cut the melon like this.  Usually the Shark's Fin Melon would not be presented this way in the soup, it would just be shredded up, but this one was specially cut this way.

Shark's Fin Melon with Pork Rib Soups

Shredded Shark's Fin Melon

Our last soup was Papaya & white Fungus Soup.  The papaya Andy used was Hawaiian Papaya which is generally sweeter.  This soup was very refreshing, taste much like a dessert than soup.  I love this the most!

Papaya & White Fungus Soup

When you dine there, you must order their Yam Rice to go with the Soup.  Yes, it is a must!  I have not tasted such nice Yam Rice before, not even my mum's cuisine.  The Yam Rice was generously filled with yam & the rice did not stick together.  The water content to cook the rice was just nice so you can see & taste each fragrant rice grain.  Andy told us he cooked this with olive oil.  I suspected he also used premium rice. 

Irresistible Yam Rice

The soups from Soup House were so healthy that Estella, another mom blogger, did not hesitate to let her toddler drink them too. 

Andy & I

Seriously, at these kind of prices, one can hardly find quality soup with quality ingredients.  I am so glad that I have discovered Soup House.  Now I know where I can get quality soup if I were to eat out.

Oh, one thing to note is you can call them to place your order before going down to consume or takeaway.  This way, you 'secure' the type of soup you like because it may be one of their hotsellers!  Most of the time, customers who went late without pre-order would have to ask 'What type of soups are left?", i.e.  they can only buy those which were not sold out yet.  Surely, you won't want that to happen to you. 

The Soup House
Blk 82 ,Whampoa Drive ,Tiong Shian Eating House
Singapore 320082
Tel: 8511 2511
Operating Hours: 11am to 4pm (Tues to Sat)


I was invited, together with 3 other mom bloggers, for food tasting.  All opinion are my own.



  1. It's great to see there are so many people passionate about good nutrition around the world. Keep on blogging :)

  2. Jenn,
    What a wonderful article about these soups! It makes me remember my days in Taiwan and even Japan, especially with the miso. =) I was a little frightened when you talked about "Shark fin" soup since I've now become an advocate for tuna, whale, shark and dolphin. But you made me smile instead! I love your writing style, and if I were in Singapore, I'd definitely check out this soup house!

  3. What a lovely variety of soup. They sound delicious!


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