Tips To Avoid Chinese New Year New Dollar Notes Rush

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, less than a week!  Have you gone to the bank to change for new dollar notes?  It has been a tradition to pack sparkling new dollar notes into red packets (红包) before we, Chinese, distribute them to the young ones.


Instead of queuing up in the bank to withdraw new dollar notes, you can actually do this to save you the hassle.  I have been doing this for years.  :)


(1) I will keep all the S$2 notes from AJ's red packets.  We will count the collection together.  Say, if the total collection was S$100 worth of S$2 notes, I will keep those S$2 notes & exchange them for 2 pieces of S$50 notes.  In other word, we will not bank in S$2 notes at all.  Those bank in into his bank account will be S$10, S$50 & S$100 (if there is).

(2) These S$2 notes that are being exchanged (which are usually sparkling new notes), I will use them to pack for Chinese New Year red packets the following year.

(3) The rest of the denominations, like S$10 & S$50 notes, I will withdraw them via Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).  The machines dispense new sparkling notes anyway.

Thus, I saved my trip to the bank & use my precious time for something else.

You have queued in the bank & changed for new dollar notes already?  Never mind, follow my tips next year onwards & you won't have to queue any more!



  1. Good way to save the queues. Good plan!!!

  2. Very interesting :) I did read also, that some parents put in gold chocolate coins for their kids vs the money in the red envelopes, kinda cool too! :)

    1. That seldom happen these days, KouponGirl. Teachers may do that to their students as schools do not allow teachers to reward students with money. Parents to children, seldom.


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