[Review] Mighty Mind - Makes Kids Smarter!

We bought AJ this Mighty Mind game when he was about 3 or 4, so it has been with him for over 3 years now.

One glance at the cover of the game, one may think that how could this be for ages 3-8.  The understanding level of a 3 YO is so much different from an 8 YO.  Because we have owned it for this span of ages, we understand why.

This game looks like a tangram game, but it is more sophisticated than that.  It includes 32 colourful design shapes, neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray with a series of 30 numbered programmed puzzles or design cards.The first 10 cards suit the very young ones.  Playing this game on a regular basis helps with the child's brain development & logical deduction skills. 

MightyMind helps to develop the child's creativity as well, & the child will have a better understanding on visual/spatial relationships.

Once the little one could conquer level 1-10 of the design cards, he or she is ready for the next 10.  By doing it this way, it gives the child great confidence in take on the next level of challenge in a fun & purposeful way.

As you can see, the 1st 20 design cards provide colour clues in the picture to assist a child in selecting the needed shapes.  It actually encourages & entices a child to think, build complex designs, & solve puzzles without assistance. 

As the intensity builds up, the child gets older, his/her spatial visual skill gets better, his/her logical deduction skill enhanced further, he/she is ready for the last 10.  By then the child could be 6-8, depending on how fast he/she progresses.

The carefully programmed sequence of the puzzle patterns really encouraged AJ to pursue the more challenging puzzles without any encouragement on our part. These simple inexpensive game activities not only build essential logic and developmental skills, they also keep him intensively challenged.

Mighty Mind game is available in many educational toy shops.  They have many versions, so do check them out & determine which version best suits your child.  Have fun!



  1. I agree. This is a great activity to educate your son and I have used it in the classroom. Thank you for sharing.

  2. this looks like a nice game for kids to learn and play. was looking for gift for my niece. now i have a option :)

  3. This looks like a great game to teach and entertain my little one. Saw this in shops but never knew what the contents are...thanks for sharing.

    1. Most welcome Eunice! Do participate the giveaway of this item in my facebook fanpage.

  4. Very interesting. I wonder if my son would do accordingly.....

    1. Hi Coyz, possible, if you break them down in bit sizes.


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