Mastering Multiplication Table (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the previous post on Mastering Multiplication Table (Part 1).

Okay, so now we have to tackle Primary 3 (Grade 3) Multiplication Tables.  Please take a deep breath because there is no short cut to multiples of 6 - 8.  This phase is certainly tougher & requires much more time to practise.  In my opinion, only multiples of 9 is easier as you can teach it to your child using the chart or the 'finger exercise' (see video) below.

Multiplication of 9s

If you look at the chart below, you will see that the products of which have the left digit in ascending order & the right digit in descending order.  Thus, enlarge & print this chart & go through this diligently will help your child to register them in his/her mind.

Alternatively, you could teach your child this finger exercise, which AJ finds it a lot easier.

Multiplication of 6 - 8s
The only way you could help your child is to split them into bite sizes. Try 2-by-2 so that it will not be information overload.  Also, if your child is good with multiplies of 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10, then teach him/her that:

2 x 6 is the same as 6 x 2
3 x 7 is the same as 7 x 3
4 x 8 is the same as 8 x 4
5 x 6 is the same as 6 x 5
10 x 7 is the same as 7 x 10

Again, use visual aids (beads/sticks) to reinforce these.  So you will have [1-5 x 6/7/8], [1-10 x 9] & [1-10 x 10] well taken care of.  Because:

1) 6 x 9 is the same as 9 x 6 & the child can use finger exercise to do 9s;
2) 6 x 10 is the same as 10 x 6, which the child should know very well by now;
3) 7 x 9 is the same as 9 x 7;
4) 7 x 10 is the same as 10 x 7;
5) 8 x 9 is the same as 9 x 8; &
6) 8 x 10 is the same as 10 x 8.

Once these are conquered, then moved on to memorise these:

6 x 6,  7 x 7,  8 x 8,  6 x 7,  6 x 8  &  7 x 8.

That's it.  You have gotten Multiplications of 2-10 all covered!  Do try out & let me know if these techniques work for your child.  Once your child passed this hurdle, division will be a breeze.  So endure for more good things to come.



  1. I had trouble with the 9's when i was younger. I found out later it was because I was dyslexic. Interestingly enough, the 8's never gave me trouble because they have great sonance:)..I love how they sound!

  2. this are very nice way to teach kids. bookmarking this series.

  3. Hi Jenn, I am from the UBC and so good to meet you. This is brilliant, I really love the demo of the 9 multiplication. I had never seen that. What great techniques to use with children. You must be a teacher, if not, you should be. Thank you.

    Namaste with Unity "Love" Consciousness,
    Wendy Baudín
    Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide

  4. There is a way to learn the 8s...
    The numbers on the left (tens place) go from 0 to 8 (with 4 appearing twice).
    The numbers on the right (ones place) are even numbers, and they go like this: 8, 6, 4, 2, 0, 8, 6, 4, 2, 0

    I like the finger method for 9s too! :)

    1. Great tips Hui Ing! Thanks for hosting the post on yr blog!


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