[Giveaway] Value Investing in REITs

Can anyone own multiple real estate for a small amount & collect regular income like a landlord every month?

Do you dream of investing in prime property & collecting thousands in rental income from your tenants every single month? I'm sure you do! The only problem is most of us (me, i.e.) regular folk don't have extra cash sitting around to simply invest in property at all.

But what if there was a way for you to own prime pieces of property without expensive downpayments, heavy mortgage loans & costly stamp fees? & what if you could own property & collect recurring passive income without having to search for tenants, chase them for rent & handle their complaints?

With REITs or Real Estate Investment Trust, you can!

Inside this book you will discover…

  • What REITs are and how to invest in them proftably
  • The advantages of investing in REITs versus owning high-priced property
  • How REITs can generate high, consistent dividends for you immediately
  • 23 real-life case studies that prove the income-producing power of REITs
  • Costly mistakes you must avoid that amateur REITs investors make all the time
  • How to analyse REITs in 6 simple steps and unearth exceptional ones that will mint you a tidy fortune safely and securely

Value Investing in REITs is written by Attlee Hue, who is an Executive Director of Asia Equity Partners Pte Ltd.  He is also a full time investor.

Attlee has been working in private equity for more than 5 years & was prior to that, a practising lawyer for more than 15 years in the area of corporate & law. In his private equity company which he founded together with 3 friends, Attlee was responsible for successfully completing several property transactions worth more than USD 600 Million !

Because of his expertise & experience, Attlee & his partners also established several funds with investors from the Middle East & Indonesia which has asset under management of more than USD 350 Million.

He now sits on the board of directors of 2 listed companies in Singapore as an independent director and audit committee chairman.  He is a qualified solicitor in England & Wales.  He is also a qualified advocate & solicitor in Singapore & Malaya.

Especially for all my readers!
A copy of Value Investing in REITs (retailing at S$32 in all major bookstores) autographed by Attlee Hue, sending to you via SingPost registered mail (to ensure you receive it).

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PS.  I am not implying that it is the right time to buy REITs.  This book is for gaining knowledge.  When one has the knowledge, one would be able to know what to do when opportunities arise in the future.



  1. Looks like a good resource. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Amarnaik. May I have your twitter name.

  3. Interesting book..shared on my fb wall.


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